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The topic of this page has a wiki of its own: Lauren Jauregui Wiki. In December of , she was featured on Marian Hill's single, Back To Me , marking her first single outside of the group. She has since also featured on a song by Halsey called " Strangers ". Lauren Jauregui is an Alto with three octaves and one note. She is the third-youngest out of the original members of the group. Lauren's from Miami, Florida. She attended Carrollton School of Sacred Heart since 7th grade.

It's worth noting that Lauren makes some important points here.

In general, celebrities are often the recipients of a lot of excessive rumors and gossip about their personal lives.

While it's understandable for fans to be excited about the prospect of two of their faves dating, there's a level of privacy and respect that everyone deserves - celebrity or not.

Did Ty Dolla Sign Cheat On His Girlfriend With Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui?

Furthermore, in light of Lauren's sexual identity, this ship takes on another problematic nature. There are many misconceptions that society still has about bisexual peopleone of which being that they are sexually attracted to everyoneincluding all of their friends.

Just as it's possible for people of other sexual orientations to be platonic friends, it's the same for bisexual people.

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Additionally, there's a tendency to over-sexualize people who identify as bisexual, and that belief is both untrue and hurtful. It's important for others to respect Lauren's feelings and her statements regarding this rumor.

Sep 14,   Out of all of the 5H girls, Lauren's love life has been the most public. Following in Ally's footsteps, Lauren dated Emblem3 and fellow X-Factor competitor Keaton Stromberg. The relationship lasted about a year. Nov 03,   Obviously, Ty and Lauren worked together last summer on 5H's hit track "Work From Home" and we can't help but wonder if that's where they struck up this romantic chemistry. It's been a year since they had so much success together and there's been no sign of these two being any more than just friends, until Alex Riccardi. Mar 28,   Lauren Jauregui opened up about the split to Playboy in an interview published on Monday, March She told the outlet that being part of a group and becoming successful at .

Regardless of her celeb status, she deserves that much from her fans. Fifth Harmony announced the group was going on an indefinite hiatus on Monday, March The group's breakup reminded a lot of fans of One Direction's breakup inseeing as both of the groups' respective splits happened after one member left the group Zayn Malik left 1D inand Camila Cabello left 5H inand the remaining members of the groups announced their split about a year after.

So why did Fifth Harmony break up? Lauren Jauregui opened up about the split to Playboy in an interview published on Monday, March She told the outlet that being part of a group and becoming successful at such a young age affected their individual artistry. So, you have to think about who you were at that age and being thrown in front of cameras.

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It sounds like one of the main reasons behind Fifth Harmony's breakup was that they felt they could no longer grow individually while still being in a group. They clearly are ready to move on and pursue their own work.

Mar 29,   Lauren, who recently came out as bisexual, has been the target of speculation that she once dated former 5H member, Camila Cabello. Fans even came up with a . Mar 24,   Since then, many are wondering who she is dating. Does Lauren Jauregui have a girlfriend in ? Here's a look at her relationship history. The Men Who Have Dated Lauren Jauregui. The 5H girls auditioned as solo acts for The X Factor, before Simon Cowell and his gift of working with talent formed them into a group he knew would become a Author: Caroline John.

Jauregui talked with Playboy about her plans for her solo career, and she says when she does eventually drop a solo album, it will be much different from her work with Fifth Harmony. But don't hold your breath for any confirmed album release date anytime soon - Jauregui's taking her time getting to know herself and what she wants her music to sound like.

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