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I broke up with my boyfriend a year ago, and it was devastating. I wept for weeks, and went through all the stages of denial and grief until I'm finally OK. I think. I haven't been on a single date the entire year since the breakup because I was just too depressed. Every time I thought about going out with someone I kept comparing them to my old boyfriend, and needless to say, I sat home and watched a lot of television.

Can you say Bill and Hillary Clinton? The ultimate political power couple, two firstborns, is a classic combination of control, dominance and striving.

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Two firstborns often butt heads, says Cane, because both want to be in control of every situation. Relationship Tip: Try to understand that as strongly as you feel about something like where to go on vacationthat's likely how strongly your partner feels about his choice.

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Take that into consideration and make compromises to keep the relationship solid. This can be a fine pairing most of the time, but the middle child's tendency to mold herself around her partner may leave her in danger of not following her own dreams.

Of course, a lot depends on how domineering the firstborn partner is, and how "classic" the middle child's accommodating personality is.

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Remember, such variables as gender and age spacing play a role in how close your personality hews to the birth-order line, says Dr. A middle child with close-in-age older and younger siblings is more "middle-ish" than one whose younger or older sibs are years apart.

Brother-sister couple have been together for over 20 years and they have a kid.

Relationship Tip: If you're the middle child, use your natural ability to compromise to decide what you're cool with leaving to your capable firstborn spouse, and what you'd prefer to control. Then break out of your natural tendency to let things go, and speak up!

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This pairing has some good mojo behind it: The youngest child is cared for, while the older sibling can exert control. Relationship Tip: Emphasize the relative strengths of your personalities. If you're married to a lastborn, don't disparage what you see as his lack of responsibility. Instead, go with him on some adventures.

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Conversely, if you're a lastborn married to an oldest child, you can learn how and why being serious can be a good idea.

Too bad Jan and Peter Brady couldn't marry! Their smack-in-the-center, sensitive, compromising natures would have given them an edge in keeping a relationship healthy.

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Even so, if both of you tend to be the secretive type, you could have difficulty communicating. Relationship Tip: Have frequent, air-clearing conversations about everything from money and sex to the kids, home and work so your individual needs don't get drowned in a sea of compromise.

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While as a rule, middles can usually have harmonious relationships with someone from any birth order, this combo may present some issues.

That's because middles morph into the styles of the other types, depending on the dynamics of their particular family, says Dr. A middle child with a much younger sib may act more like a lastborn and the opposite situation may make the middle more like a firstborn.

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Relationship Tip: Try to suss out whether you have controlling tendencies which you should keep in check so you don't overwhelm your younger-sib spouse or if you both are acting like "babies.

These two can have a lot of fun-a pair of carefree, risk-taking lovers nearly always do.

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But the classic conundrum here is that no one wants to be in charge. Two last-born parents could be in a tough position: Both may prefer to be the kids' friend, not the heavy hand when it comes to discipline, which puts a strain on a marriage.

Relationship Tip: Try to figure out which of you is best at certain tasks such as handling money or making decisions about the childrenand then own up to that responsibility, rather than assuming the other will take care of it.

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On the other hand, people with only same-sex siblings may not be as aware of how to deal with the challenges of opposite-sex interactions. The study also found that reducing sibling conflicts can be beneficial, too: Mixed-sex siblings who shared their feelings and secrets with one another also had greater perceived romantic competence. A Ohio State University study found that for each additional sibling you have, your chance of divorce reduces by two percentwhile only siblings are much more likely to divorce than those from a big family.

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According to Donna Bobbitt-Zeher, a co-author of the study: "More siblings means more experience dealing with others, and that seems to provide additional help in dealing with a marriage relationship as an adult.

Between an 41 Mexican American women aged were studied for risks of teen pregnancy and its effects on younger siblings. The research found that a girl whose older sister became pregnant as a teenager was five times more likely to get pregnant as a teen, too.

Dec 27,   Dating your stepbrother may make your respective parents and stepparents furious, upset and in need of keeping a therapist on retainer. Your siblings and stepsiblings may also become upset and uncomfortable around you. May 28,   And if you are an only, you may do well seeking out a partner of any birth order who has a clutch of siblings, if, says Cane, you were you were the type . Nov 29,   Ahh yes, I have a real life story about this! Co-worker from my previous job actually has married her step-brother. It went as follows. Their parents (her dad, his mom) got married when she was 14 and he was 16 years old. They all moved in togethe.

It's common sense that we look to our older siblings as role models, but it's still pretty surprising that pairs of sisters can influence one another's childbearing that significantly. Although you might assume that watching an older sister struggle with the hardships of teen pregnancy would make someone less likely to engage in risky behaviors, the research found that the study's participants didn't see an early-in-life pregnancy as a hardship, and actually ended up wanting a baby of their own, too.

Even if you don't have any siblings and think you're in the clear, your only-child-ness can also affect your love life: Only children tend to be confident, smart, and relate well to othersall of which can inform who they end up choosing to be with in the long run.

Sep 06,   Posted in Siblings or Dating? by siblingsordating on February 11, 1 comment. Older Posts The Author. e-mail submissions to [email protected]; click "more" on any post to find out the answer. Feb 20,   Vice writer Jennifer Tillmann interviewed a man going by the name of Tom, who has been in a relationship with his sister Lena for over 20 years. Tom was introduced to Tillmann through a psychotherapist named Rotraut Perner, who has made. Nov 11,   Between an 41 Mexican American women aged were studied for risks of teen pregnancy and its effects on younger research found that a Author: Laken Howard.

Only children tend to be most compatible with last-born siblings, but an only child who marries an only child can expect for the relationship to be a bit of a power struggle because of both of their perfectionist natures. So just to be safe, maybe ask potential partners about their siblings on the first date. If you have a sibling who's close to your age, you're probably super familiar with the concept of sibling rivalry. Maybe he or she was always just a little bit better at basketball or spelling than you, and over time it started to turn into a nasty, ongoing battle for mom and dad's praise.

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