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If I could, I would move to San Diego. However, the cost of living does seem high. Part of me still wants to move out there though. I fell in love when I visited some months back.

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But the wages are much higher there. I'd rather live in SF And I don't even live in LA. I love SoCali! I love the great year round weather although this winter is a bit chilly for me at least lolI barely use a car because why drive when you can walk everywhere.

Its a laid back vibe, the beaches rock, plus youre able to travel and be entertained by so many places just within Cali. You miss the snow then go to Big Bear. Now cost of living is high! For a two bedroom in San Diego in a SAFE neighborhood would run you about but even then youre not getting any more than square feet.

I enjoy Cali but if i wasnt married and I had to do it on my own I would definitely move somewhere else where my money would go longer.

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Cost of living is outragous and you get VERY little for your money. High taxes. Public school system is terrible even in most affluent neighborhoods, like 49th is the county.

Too liberal for me.

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This was just my initial list. I'll give it some thought. Dec 22, I just moved to Los Angeles a few months ago from Atlanta. I do like the weather, and I do like that people here seem to be a lot more laid back and nonchalant than people down south, some of whom tend to get in folks business way too much for my tastes.

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I don't like the high cost of living and the fact there seems to be a shortage of upwardly-mobile blacks in the state in general. Lots of parts of Los Angeles are pretty ratchet and you don't get much house for your money out here. I'm getting to the point to where I want to buy a house and get settled somewhere, and I just don't see that here in Cali. I'm planning to move back East or down South possibly Texas this time in a year or so.

I grew up in San Diego a long time ago in the 80's to the mid'sand its a bit too whitebread and too slow-paced for my tastes and people there tend to think that its the be-all-and-end-all, but that's a trend that I see in Cali in general.

Black women: Are you interested in interracial dating or no?

While there are a lot of positive attributes here, there are other nice places to live. Ever since I moved here with my brother who moved here a year ago from DCmy mom wants to move back to Cali and she's talking about how things were so much better for "us" back in the day. Basically, she's living in the past and life has gone on, but she's miserable living in her hometown when it was her bright idea to move there in the first place.

And had the nerve to get mad when my brother and I were both like "meh" with LA and the fact we're not trying to move back to San Diego because that's where she wants to be. I agree with the public school systems being the worst its ridiculous.

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I just came in here to make sure no one was talking shit about the East Bay. Although I hate how expensive it is to live in Cali, I do love it. It depends on if the person moving to Cali is smart or stupid, rich or a regular person. They are expecting to get VIP passes from movie screenings from Denzal Washington and they find out they cant afford to eat at 5 star restaurants and is left with eating at Wendys.

The smart person knows they need to have a lot of money saved or at least a decent job lined up b4 they move. They also know that that Hollywood shit is only a small portion of LA and most of LA is working class.

Interracial dating overrated

As a black woman I slowly watched the push for interracial dating. I started noticing how biracial people would try to claim to be black because they had one black parent.

I started noticing how the media would try to brainwash black women and men against each other. In addition, I started noticing how white men believed I should date them and if I didn't, I was racist. I'm not dating out and have no desire to have a biracial child.

Jun 30,   something I notice about interracial dating trends but just don't get I never got this myself because I live in the interracial dating capital of the US, Southern California. Now given that most interracial relationships involve whites with a partner that isn't white and those are the only kinds of interracial relationships which society really. The first step in finding a friend with benefits is finding friends. The friends you Nation Of Islam Interracial Dating find matter, of course. If you make friends at an evangelical religious retreat, you're a Nation Of Islam Interracial Dating lot less likely to find a sex partner than if you make friends among sex-positive people. So it helps to make sex-positive friends. Feb 14,   VALENTINE'S DAY AND SINGLE WOMEN: Love Dating & Relationships Completely Overrated? love and relationships as a whole just may be a bit overrated. interracial dating, verbal and mental.

I will date a black man from another country if I have too. I'm so sick of this agenda to push IR dating. It's okay to date within your race and want to preserve it. Vote A. Vote B. Select age and gender to cast your vote:.

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Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Black women: Are you interested in interracial dating or no? Add Opinion.

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Klife1 Xper 3. I've dated a few different cultures including my own race 'black' and I've learnt so much culture wise and in general from all of them. How they resonate affection and treat a girl and what they prioritize.

As a black woman I slowly watched the push for interracial dating. I started noticing how biracial people would try to claim to be black because they had one black parent. I started noticing how the media would try to brainwash black women and men against each other. In addition, I started noticing. Jul 18,   Is it wrong to say interracial dating and marriage is overrated? What is so special about it? They way most Black interracial daters come off as if it all about the gratification and acceptance by dating someone who does not share the same racial heritage. You are Interracial Dating Is Overrated completely right and your findings are actually supported by scientific research if you want to look into it further. An average looking middle of the road type of guy is simply not going to get much sex unless you really put some thought into it/

Naturally to me that isn't the point I've never felt the need to say 'I love you' to any of them until my current boyfriend who turns out to be the whitest of them all. Suppose that's what you call love rather than worrying about colour, tradition etc. I've never planned who I'd settle with, kind of just happened. That's pretty much the only dating I would do based on preference but I know love can lead one to be with pretty much any race, as long as the personality is sweet and we have some shared interests.

Jan 20,   Honestly? It boils down to racism, often at its most subtle. You don't have to be a bedsheet-wearing, Confederate-flag-wearing, shotgun-brandishing, functionally illiterate chucklehead to be against it. All you really need is to be raised believin. Two new gorgeous light skin, curvy beach babes at the same time. What could be better. Let these sexy ladies show you the time of your Kay Pemberton Professionals Dating life. Lesbian shows available. Disclaimer: I am not against interracial dating, I'm simply stating why others are so against it. I was out late one night with a friend of mine (who happens to be a girl). We were sitting on a bench outside and enjoying the night sky as we talked about how our lives have been.

I don't care about the skin color. All women can be beautiful and nice.


It's within their potential to be that. Not all of them choose to be. I like women and that's it. I would actually date a black woman and then show that to my parents just to see them disapproving it and see them being disappointed. On second thought, i wouldn't even do that because relationships are a private thing for me.

Its really all just a matter of preference. For instance, I'm currently in eastern Europe where most of the women have issues with dating black guys, and I have no problems with it.

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