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And im dating a girl who has a kid share your opinion

The Dating Nerd is a shadowy figure whose whereabouts and identifying details remain unknown. What we do know is that he is really, really good at dating. So I have a bit of an interesting dating dilemma. I'm hoping you can maybe help me out with it, since you're such a genius when it comes to this stuff so you say. I recently met a woman online who checks all my boxes. Gorgeous, beautiful long dark hair, funny, flirtatious, and not shy about sending me naughty pictures. Clearly into me but not coming on too strong.

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Its been 3 days since we went to dinner and she hasn't called and neither have I except that one time when I left a message. I know that she has a kid so I understand that her time may be occupied so I'm not really stressing it.

All You Need To Know About Dating A Woman With Kids

The fact that she said thanks for dinner was enough for me. Here are a few things though that I've been thinking about and I also think I may be too mature for her.

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She has several tatoos not a problemshe's a heavy drinker at 21, and she also has a new born son. She is back at school finishing up when I am done with college and looking to go to law school very soon. The last thing that I've been thinking about is that a good friend of mine who is also her baby father's first cousin told me that he was at a party the day after our dinner the day were were "suppose to go clubbing" and that he saw her and his cousin baby's father hanging out and drinking until 6am at this house party.

Im dating a girl who has a kid

I know that once you have a child with someone that that person is in your life forever so that is not a concern, but what is a concern is that she parties so hard until the early dawn and that she never called or replied to tell me about the change of plans.

I will not call her again and I think she's not calling for one of two reasons.

share your opinion

Either she just played it cool but is not interested, or she feels embarrassed that my friend saw her and she knew that he would come and tell me. When she does call if she does my attitude will be very nonchallant and very nuetral.

The momentum of my life shifted from my girlfriend to her kid, because her kid is 3 year old and she is a very needy child (I guess part of the reason is she doesn't have love from dad) I . Aug 16,   There is nothing wrong with her having a child. You are 25 years old and not too mature. You shouldn't be calling any girl "a chick" let alone saying you are only You should not let her having a child get to you and stop you from dating her. What is your take on dating a girl that already has a child? The child is about 4yrs old. We are going on our first date this weekend and I didn't realize she had a son until I saw her personal page. Usually women that already have children are automatically cut from my "perspective list" but this girl is very attractive.

I don't think she is worth my time and effort even though she did seem like a good person. So I guess another bites the dust What do you guys think? Dec 19,PM.

Feb 17,   6 Necessary Tips For Dating A Woman Who Has Kids 1. Realize You Won't Be The First Priority. There will be times you might not even be second (or third!) fiddle to a mom. 2. Be Patient. You have to plan ahead to develop a meaningful relationship with a mom. Fitting into her life requires 3. Be Author: Nora Moore. Mar 27,   Dating someone with a kid is dating in hard mode. You've got to have a tremendous amount of emotional energy or you're just gonna crash and burn. If . I have a 2 year old daughter and am no longer with her father. I'd just like to get some diverse opinions on how guys in my age range feel about dating a woman with a kid. I'm not looking fo a replacement father for her. I don't have "baby daddy drama" .

I was trying to be nice and a gentleman knowing that nice guys finish last. I still think she's a great person to be with in a social setting but that's all. Not your question?

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As a single, bi, dad of two kids I'd rather hear 'hey, I'm not ready for kids yet' than just all of a sudden not hear from someone. Getting 'us' time can be a challenge since he has custody.

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But it works out. As someone who was not ever interested in having kids before, it's kind of nice to have a little one running around. Treat Their Kids With Respect. I got along fine with his 10 year old son.

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He and I weren't compatible for other reasons. There's nothing that says you have to like or want kids, either. If you relax and treat them like humans, you may get more comfortable later, but if someone decides to pressure you about it, you probably shouldn't date them long.

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Follow Your Partner's Lead. My last serious ex-gf with kids let me into their lives once we became exclusive and she was comfortable. I adopted the role of positive adult role model. She told me quick it was not my place to raise her children. Not to contradict the point above, moms live a scheduled life and are rarely able to step outside of their daily routines.

Little Girl Is Pretty Darn Sure She Has a Boyfriend

A random phone call or text to see how her day is going is a great gesture that will break up the monotony of her day and will put a smile on her face. If you know she has a free day or down time, whisking her away on a whim can earn you major bonus points.

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When a woman's high point comes from PTA meetings and car pools, a bit of unexpected fun and attention will definitely leave a positive, lasting impression.

Being a good mom means you have to grow up quickly. Moms might play Simon Says with 'Lil Johnny, but the last thing she wants to do is play games with a man.

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If you're looking to settle down with this woman, have a plan for the future and be prepared to execute. Moms are used to running a household and will appreciate your initiative and planning.

When you deal with a woman who has kids, she isn't looking to mother you - she wants to know she can be vulnerable and will be taken care of. Showing you are a man who can step up and take charge will let her know you can be an asset, not just another mouth to feed. The only thing a woman likes talking about more than herself is her kids. The bond between a woman and her child is the true definition of unconditional love.

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If you're trying to woo her, take a genuine interest in what is closest to her heart. Remember milestones her children are nearing. If you're looking to be in her life long-term, her children are part of the deal.

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Don't rush into meeting her kids.

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