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Really dating with no teeth thanks. sorry

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. I think my boyfriend is toothless. There's a whole list of evidence I've assembled in my brain over the last few months that makes me believe he is almost certainly toothless, and I can no longer stand not to know. I've decided to try to bring it up this weekend, but I haven't a clue how. He is obviously very protective of people seeing into his mouth.

Like: What is that massive scar on your leg? Did you know that irregardless isn't actually a word? Why don't I ever see your front teeth? You need to do a better job wiping your buttcrack.

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It bothers me that you spend so much time texting your friends while we're hanging out together. You are in a relationship with him.

If it's important to you that you know this, it is OK to ask him. For me, personally, any problem he would potentially have with me asking him after this long dating would be a far bigger deal breaker than if he didn't have teeth. I just I don't want you to feel like you're a bad person for wanting to know this.

It seems very, very reasonable to me that you want to know. I'd ask him to bite me. If he has no front teeth, it will affect his speech. When he pronounces words with "th" sounds, how does that sound to you?

Are there any verbal sounds which sound different? Or, better yet, how does he pronounce words like weed or glee?

Oct 18, I dated someone with no upper teeth without noticing for a while. I found out when they told a longtime friend of theirs about having no upper teeth, and they seemed very amused by my shocked reaction to finding out they had no upper teeth and I hadn't noticed. People can get very good at hiding it. Any website recommendation, no matter how well written or providing bullet points "why", is to be taken with utmost scrutiny and suspicion. A lot of these "free" websites are either not so, so heavily limited in what you can do without a fee, or are straight up Dating No Teeth scams. Many of them are based out of unregulated regions / No teeth dating site No car - how to pay to tell me the. My area! Different because of course you say fating to get a man with the mouth. Not easy for an old soul like myself. Next dating, you going to ate your life with no teeth dating sites in fact, surveyed men looking for a woman missing teeth. Not real.

Words which pretty much require the teeth to be bared, unless special effort is exerted? If you've kissed him with any force at all, then you know whether or not he has teeth. Stick your tongue in there, if you need to.

It'll be obvious. If you feel teeth then I'd go with the more likely scenario that he has bad teeth he's sensitive about, in which case I would wait for him to tell you about it.

Or wait until he's sleeping. Not unthinkable his mouth would hang open when he sleeps. But me, personally, I would just ask him. I don't think I've ever seen your teeth.

Weird, right? It may distress him if there's some underlying cause here, and I would have advised you to play it cool if this were someone you'd only just met, but you've been dating and kissing and fucking this man for more than half a goddamn year and you don't know whether or not he has teethso this is officially a crazy situation.

Screw your courage to the sticking place and ask. He'll sleep at my house for 3 days without showering or brushing his teeth. You've told him this bothers you and he didn't do anything about it? He has a hangup about brushing his teeth at someone else's house? Even if he had his own toothbrush? Poor oral hygiene is totally fixable. But a lot of people have problems with that-some small percentage of those also has teeth that are particularly vulnerable to it, and that's the portion that ends up feeling ashamed and horrible about their bad teeth.

My dad used to say he'd like to get all his pulled and replaced with dentures, and as I get older I start to see why. So as someone whose teeth do not really bear looking at closely as a general rule, I think I'd prefer to hear it something like: "You really seem to be trying to keep me from seeing your mouth. If you've got bad teeth or something, it's really totally okay. I clearly like being intimate with you as it is, and this isn't gonna change that, but I don't want you to feel like you need to hide things from me.

The only people I know who have missing front teeth who have not gotten dentures have been either aging or really grindingly poor. But, if they are missing, dentures don't look nearly as bad as they used to, and so it's hardly permanent.

But that said, all of this has to be okay with you if it turns out to be the case. You can't go saying it's going to be okay if it's not.

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If you can't love him if it turns out he has poor oral hygiene, and you already have evidence this is the case, it would probably be more dignified for you both to skip to finding a new boyfriend.

Maybe figuring out what you hope for from this exchange will help you figure out how to do it. Right now you sound pretty certain that you think he has no front teeth, that it is the result of poor hygiene, that you find it disgusting, and that you are likely to break up with him once it's confirmed. With all that in mind, I don't see how it could be a less-than-awkward conversation.

There is no nice way to say "hey, are you missing teeth? Because I find that gross and might want to dump you. Thank you. OP, I want to apologise for coming off as judgmental about this being a deal-breaker earlier.

I mean it more as a "but this can be fixed if this is an otherwise good thing" sort of way, but frankly, your ate kind of made me change my mind. I still think your best bet is to just ask directly. Awkward or not, you need to have this conversation because it's obviously weighing on you a lot.

Your BF may have had a bridge for those missing teeth, but lost it and is now too broke to replace it. Anecdata and British filter here, but at least three of my friends have partial bridgework to replace missing front teeth. One fell over on an icy street; another was in a car accident; the other was One of them can you guess which one? He mostly ate chips and beer anyway, so he didn't really need the teeth. Also, as someone who has lost teeth due to shitty genetic gum disease, I was ready to take umbrage when you said "this is due to being a grosso grosspants, right", but with your latest ate I retract that umbrage wholeheartedly.

Not showering a day or two? Going for days without brushing teeth? I fell off of a stool in fifth grade and broke my two front teeth on top when I hit the concrete floor. I broke the teeth to exposed nerves.

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For a long time I had ceramic crowns on the teeth. Over the years they became stained and made me very self conscious.

Aug 06, i'm not going to be fake i'll be honest, looks aren't absolutely everything, but they are a must, i have to be physically attracted to them. i'm dating someone. and he fits the rest of the bill tall, muscular at the top. now he has bad teeth, i mean they are screwed up. someone said it's as if a few of em are 3-d. they aren't a healthy shade either they look like he's . It used to be so hard for me to get laid - until I found MeetnFuck. Honestly, I didn't want to tell my friends about this site, but after I fucked my local bank teller Dating No Teeth in a Starbucks bathroom, I had to spill the beans. If you're looking for a free hookup site that actually works, then you should definitely set up a profile today/ Whitening had no less than an egyptian tomb dating story. We attempt the horror: she was missing teeth dating app tinder has a gap in fact, jemele hill and him with age. Or just do guys think about congenitally missing. Watch video man angry ex is a couple of dating and have missing teeth is. Bad teeth, me this website plenty of the superleague 8.

I never smiled with an open mouth, didn't speak in a way that revealed my upper teeth, etc. Those crowns were replaced with nice ones in 12th grade and yet the habits continue to this day. Perhaps it is something similar Maybe I don't watch enough movies.

Your question is "can you think of a way to ask this question? Ask, "why do you always hide your teeth? I am going to say that if you are wondering if he has teeth, and this is a big thing that you want to know about, instead of pussyfooting around it with hints about him smiling or eating corn on the cob, I'd go with being direct.

You can open it up with, "Hey, this might sound crazy but - I was wondering I've tried mentioning the whole "how come you never break out into a big 'ole smile" and he changed the subject. Clearly you need to be direct. Just ask him if he has teeth. If he does have teeth and finds this to be a weird question, you can explain why you were wondering.

To me, after your ate, this doesn't seem like the biggest problem in your relationship, but if all you want to know is whether or not he has teeth, just ask him that very question. Can't be too enamored of his other good qualities then. What about if he has no teeth, but is willing to get implants or a bridge?

You need to talk to him, gently, and for pete's sake, if you do break up with him, do it a couple weeks later and use some other excuse. The poor guy's already self-conscious about his mouth, no matter what the issue is.

There are reasons beyond toothlessness to be self-conscious about one's dentition. My adult teeth came in kind of jumbled and overlarge, and I was stubbornly resistant to braces as a teenager. I had one of my top incisors removed and let the bottoms come in as they may.

To this day the lower ones are not quite in a straight line - I spent my adolescence imagining them like jumbled old gravestones in an ancient cemetery - and where most people have four upper incisors, I have three in the same space, although no one ever knows unless I grin widely and invite them to count how many teeth are visible between the canines; they came in large enough that there was no gap.

In any event, I took great care to avoid open-mouthed smiles as I was terribly self-conscious about my teeth until well into my twenties, and I had thirty-one of then all that time, not the potential zero that we seem to be attributing to this fellow. Well I was also going to tell you about how one can be uncomfortable with one's teeth, or have incurred embarrassing damage to them, for all kinds of reasons having nothing to do with hygiene; but your ate changes everything.

That hygiene situation is untenable. Is he seriously not showering or brushing for days at a time? How do you kiss?! And this is the stage where he's supposed to be putting his best foot forward!!! Can you imagine if you were his live-in partner? How to ask him: hey I wanted to ask you about something I've been wondering - why do you always hide your mouth?

would you date someone with bad teeth?

Is there something weird about your teeth? But honestly, I mean, even not having front teeth isn't an acceptable reason to not brush the ones you do have.

Although it could explain having lost the others. If you've been kissing someone with poor oral hygiene, unless you have lost your sense of taste and smell, it would be extremely noticable!

If you haven't been bothered by smells with him going 3 days without showering you may have a poor sense of smell. It's possible he had poor oral hygiene in the past but does not any longer, and if this is such a big deal to you as to be a dealbreaker he might like to know so he can choose to date someone who wouldn't have a problem with it. Some people have not been so fortunate as to have had fluoridated water or proper fluoride supplements when they were children.

It's a hygiene issue, sure, but it's not like an average five year old knows about fluoride supplements and can ask their parents to administer them every week. Some people also have genetics that leave them with thinner enamel, or other medical conditions that result in teeth loss either from themselves or from their treatment.

If he's bulimic or has a drug addiction, obviously at this stage I think that's something I'd want to know as well. If he had bulimia or drug addiction in the past, conquering such a thing doesn't make the teeth come back. I dated someone with no upper teeth without noticing for a while. I found out when they told a longtime friend of theirs about having no upper teeth, and they seemed very amused by my shocked reaction to finding out they had no upper teeth and I hadn't noticed.

People can get very good at hiding it. It seems kind of harsh for it to be a dealbreaker, but it's likely that he might not want to date someone it was such a big deal to himself, so he might prefer to find out this about you as well. It's fair to both of you to bring it up with him at this time.

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I've expressed a number of times that I would like him to use teeth during sex, which he has never done If that's part of why it's a dealbreaker, be aware that there are some really nifty things to experience with someone just using their gums rather than teeth. There are also clamps available to perform certain functions you might otherwise like teeth to do. It's something that can be worked around if you just want certain physical sensations that often go with teeth. As you can see from the responses, there are a lot of reasons someone might have lost teeth at a young age, many from just bad luck.

I think the deal breaker part for me is why hasn't he done anything to fix the problem such as getting dentures or an implant? I realize dental work is expensive, but in American society is really socially damaging to be missing teeth. If I were interviewing someone for a job and he didn't have teeth, I would think twice about hiring that person. I think you need to ask the question, plus ask why he hasn't done anything about it. I would phrase it along these lines: I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I noticed you have been covering your mouth quite a bit.

I love you and want you to know that I will love you even if you are missing teeth or have bad teeth.

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It would make me happy if you felt comfortable smiling around me. From there, you can start to ask why he hasn't done anything about it. Then decide if it's a deal breaker for you. After reading the ate I feel like the best approach here is simply saying, "what the fuck, what is actually up with your teeth and hygiene issues? It's the bit where you've brought up the hygiene and he's done fuckall to fix it that makes me think he has underlying issues here.

Dating with no teeth

Either he's lazy, depressed, or has some other hangups. Had a guy tell me I was super sloppy in the way I dressed once. It really hurt my precious little feelings.

Steps were taken by me to deal with the issue. Obviously, there are a million things that it could be, but my first thought is child abuse. If you get your teeth knocked out as a kid, by your parent or guardian, they are not exactly going to be taking you to the ER. He could very well have never had dental insurance in his whole life to get them fixed.

And he may not have had his hygiene properly taken care of or taught to him. I don't think you're like some kind of bad person to want to know.

I think at pretty much any point where you're going to make out with someone, it's reasonable to want to know what is going on inside their mouth. However, I just don't think the right thing to do is just abruptly ask him flat out what is going on with him.

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Even though it's perfectly reasonable to want to know, even if this is a "weird" situation, even though lots of people are like, "how could you not know if he has teeth? Because really, who knows what happened to him to create this situation? I'm not saying you have to like get married to him without ever knowing if he has teeth.

I'm not saying you have to be okay with any of it. But I do think that if you're not okay with it, there are other options that are okay, such as broaching it gently or just kindly ending the relationship. I don't think putting him on the spot in a super shameful situation is an okay option. If he feels like he can't brush his teeth or shower for 3 days at your house, it's obvious that he has serious issues.

Teeth Insecurity and What I've Learned - VML #78

And when people have serious issues, I just do not think it's okay to say, "Ew, what the fuck is wrong with you, you gross disgusting person, you make me sick. Not YOU you I'm using "you" in a general sense. This isn't something like wearing some gnarly old boxers because he can't be bothered to go shopping.

I think you could say to him, "Sweetheart, I really love and care about you. It's obvious that there is something going on when you can't shower or brush your teeth. At this point it's really important to me that we talk about it and I understand it.

I don't want to make you uncomfortable and I'm not saying I need to know right this second. But it's important to me at this point to know what's going on with you. Do you think you can find a way to tell me that you would be comfortable with? When Mrs.

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Brownrd and I were dating, I knew that she was working as a dental assistant, which made me even more self-conscious about my teeth cleft palate, which makes for a very interesting dentition, and an abandoned attempt at wearing braces, which had not been properly maintained nor removed up until I was She noticed that I never showed teeth when smiling and would cover my mouth when I laughed, etc.

She came right out and asked me why, and I told her because I thought my teeth were ugly. She said she didn't care, that she would love me anyway regardless of how they looked, and could I let her look.

Unless you are willing to love him anyway, regardless of what you see, either don't ask or don't stay if you can't deal with it. It will be better for both of you. I could frankly care less about the reason, but seriously, you've been dating for seven months and he hasn't given you the "hey, let me tell you about my teeth" talk.

That needs to happen on the first or second date. Yeah, this is what sticks out to me. I think you should be prepared to be minimally judgey about those reasons, because it'll probably be an intensely uncomfortable and vulnerable conversation for him. But a pattern of shitty oral hygiene on the level of not brushing his teeth at all for days at a stretch is a bit of a red flag.

That's weird, and you should gently bring up your concerns with him in a way that doesn't focus on how gross it is for you. I mean it! Don't feel one bit bad. A person needs what they need for relationship to work for them. None of us know why exactly this bothers you, and even if we did know, it wouldn't matter.

Your reasons for why a relationship works or doesn't work are perfectly legitimate no matter what they are. It doesn't make you a bad person for having them. What is not cool is constantly trying to change your SO to conform to your needs. Someone who doesn't like dogs is a deal breaker for me. Anybody got a problem with that? I didn't think so. Hi, my name is yarly, and I'm missing my lateral incisors!

I do have a little removeable teeth thingamagiggy that looks real, but I still do some of the stuff you describe your boyfriend doing even though my fake teeth look normal.

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For example, I have to be very careful biting into things and sometimes may stealthily take the appliance out altogether when eating. So yes, it can be something that can be hidden even from very close loved ones. It sounds to me like he was never taught the basics of how to keep clean and healthy.

If that sounds probable to you, I would try asking about his family before asking about his teeth directly. He might feel more comfortable telling you specifically about his teeth once he knows you understand his childhood wasn't the best and don't judge him for it - at that point, he might even bring up his teeth himself, because if he's this good at hiding them they're probably something he's pretty sensitive about and thinks about a lot.

Honestly, if the problem is childhood neglect on that scale, I would be prepared for this to be the tip of an iceberg. Couldn't you just ask them? Half serious: you should consider checking when he is sleeping. It might work! Just to throw this out, one of my kids has-or had, rather-seizures as an adult-and during one of them she literally knocked her front teeth out. She has been extremely sensitive about this even though she does have a plate to replace them.

Her current boyfriend used to work as a dental tech so he brought it up almost from the beginning. Now it isn't an issue. If you see a future with this man, and lack of teeth would not be a dealbreaker, go ahead and ask. But be aware that he might be more sensitive regarding the cause of the tooth loss than he is the lack of teeth. But honestly, having been around my daughter before she got her replacements, I doubt very seriously he could have totally hidden tooth loss from you if that indeed is the case.

Alia of the Bunnies at PM on October 18, [ 1 favorite ]. I'm late to this but just wanted to add: be gentle because he may be extremely embarrassed. Id rather date someone with bad teeth who had an awesome personality, treated me right and loved me for me then date someone who had perfect teeth, was shallow, unfaithful, horrible personality and didnt really love me so yes id date someone with bad teeth cause someone can still be attractive and not have good teeth.

If you feel comfortable with him, ask him to brush his teeth and keep good care of them. Bad teeth can be fixed down the line. Love handles aren't that bad. You kinda are being shallow. Sorry, just the truth. My bf has perfectly white and straight teeth and I am very attractied to him so i'd say no i would not date a guy with bad teeth. I don't think It's shallow to expect a guy to be clean, tidy or healthy. Maybe you should bring it up with him that he needs to take better care of his teeth or take a mint.

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