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Remember Me. After a while, the tooling was refined, and Mound Metalcraft made their first the toys; a steam shovel and crane. The brand became very popular after WWII and demand was tonka higher than production. The entire first batch of sold out in just a couple the months. The founders attended the annual New York Toy Show in , and after a successful debut there went dating to tonka 37, of the two metal toys; the Steam Shovel mighty the Crane and Clam.

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The model was based on the current Ford F pickup of the era. Inthe pickup was painted dark metallic blue, when sold individually, Omaha orangewhen purchased as part of the State Hi-Way Set or red when purchased as part of the Builders Supply Set.

Mighty Tonka Dump Trucks - Original Concept. Tonka was on the grow in Manufacturing its first truck in , Tonka was establishing a reputation for a durable, tough, realistic toy. Tonka's first series of trucks would become known as the standard or regular series. B State Turn-Pike Dept boxed Set by Tonka Toys Here is one tough Tonka Set! This terrific set includes the Hi-Way Pickup, Hi-way Dump Truck, Mobile Dragline and number Bulldozer. The set also includes 3 signs, the Stop, Slow and Road Closed signs. In Mr. Tonka that time period, the very first catalog was printed in. Mighty, the brand has grown from just tonka truck styles into a line mighty more dating 30 trucks, vehicles and toy play-sets. The mission of the founders was to give America a toy that was mighty, affordably tonka, and fun to play with.

The front bumper and grille, although still plated steel, were now separate pieces with the grille held in place by a single, clear, smooth plastic headlight on each side. All other features remained the same as the The models were similar to the but with one key identifying feature.

Logo Identification

The hood now sported a scoop, unique to There was also another feature added to the rear of the pickup. A pocket was added to the underside rear of the bed that, when used with a pin, would hitch a trailer.

The example on the left features the front end of the Hi-Way pickup. Note the black bumper. Except for the Hi-Way series and the Allied Van Lines semi, all other trucks sported the familiar bright finish bumper.

Dating tonka dump trucks

Once again, the design of the pickup was based on the Ford F series of the period. A clear plastic windshield made its initial appearance, but still no side or back "glass".

The tailgate was hinged at the bottom and secured to the box sides with plated metal chains. The pocket for an accessory trailer was retained. Tires were black rubber and the aluminum satin finished wheel covers still sported 5 round holes.

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The plated steel bumper and grille were separate pieces with the grille now held in place by four smooth, clear plastic headlights. The center of the front bumper is smooth.

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The hood on and models only, can be identified by the four parallel ribs, evenly spaced, running front to back. How do you easily tell a '59 from a '58? Keeping in mind that both years sported hoods with 4 parallel ribs, check for the chains. The tailgate chains disappeared in '59 and so did the holes to connect them.

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There were other changes that took place in that can help differentiate models made in both and New for was the introduction of whitewall tires. Depending on the model, trucks were manufactured with either a rubber whitewall inserted into a black rubber tire or the familiar one piece rubber blackwall tire.

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From untilTonka trucks were made more "generic," losing some of the resembling features of the Ford truck 2. Trucks made from to returned to the one-piece grill design. Identify the color of the headlights and check for seats and a steering wheel inside the cab. Single clear headlights were available on trucks from until From to the present, small changes with the wheel and tire assemblies and appearances have been made to the Tonka trucks which can make identification easier.

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She is also a freelance writer and photographer. She writes mostly nonfiction and has been published on several informative websites.

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Ballard Coates' writing has been published on websites such as Healthmad. More Articles. How to Tell the Age of a Tonka Truck.

Mighty Tonka Dump Trucks - Original Concept

Written by Amanda Ballard Coates. Lionel Train Sets.

1980 Mighty Tonka Dump Truck Restoration

Cast Iron Toys. Arcade Cast Iron.

Tonka Toys (script) Mound Metalcraft Mound, Minn: Tonka Toys (script) Mound, Minn: Tonka Toys (script) Mound, Minn: Other: The bottom of the 54 doors are flat and on the 55s, there is a small " flip-up." Front Roof supports are straight up & down.

Neat Old Toys. American Flyer Trains. This website is owned by Micah James Copyright All Rights Reserved.

The Identification Features listed below, are applicable to the Tonka classic Regular series of trucks. Roughly those trucks that are scale. In the early and mid 's, Tonka began to add new series of trucks, notably the Tiny-Tonka, Mini-Tonka and the Mighty Tonka series. And the Regular line grew to include the Gas Turbine futuristic. Mon-Fri 9am-2am (Earlier appts available with pre-booking) Sat-Sun By Appt For Short Notice, Please Book Opinions+on+online+dating Appt AT LEAST 30 mins in advance to ensure I am ready Opinions+on+online+dating and available. Out of State Traveling Policy: Minimum of 1hr visit when Opinions+on+online+dating visiting!! Deposit required/Pre-booking always welcomed!/ Apr 18,   Tonka trucks were first manufactured in Mound, Minnesota, in Made in a metalworks shop, Tonka trucks have a long-standing reputation for being tough, well-built toys features of the Tonka toy trucks can be used to identify the year the truck was manufactured such as logos, grills, fenders, and headlight styles trucks may have subtle changes made to wheels .

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