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Last ated on June 29, How much is this Fiestaware worth? How can I tell if my Fiestaware is old or vintage Fiestaware? There are dozens of markings on Fiestaware and they are often difficult to read or applied with little uniformity. Still, there are a few ways you can examine Fiesta bottom marks and Fiestaware stamps in order to determine how old Fiestaware is.

In ivory, light green, and cobalt were supplanted by the hues listed above. These tones were produced until the same year turquoise and yellow were discontinued.

The remaining colors stayed around until when Fiesta Ironstone was developed and distributed. Check out this color history chart for more info. Discerning the green tones can be tricky, but keep in mind that retro chartreuse is going to be darker than the new chartreuse hue. During the s and the 40s, Kraft products were found in red, cobalt, light green, and yellow.

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These are heavy, durable products and included a variety of kitchenware necessities: mixing bowls, casserole dishes, pie plates, jars, cake plates and platters, spoons, and cake lifters. Debuting inthis line came in three core colors: turf green, antique gold, and mango red which was just a new name for the original Fiesta red.

Some items will include a 60th anniversary logo. This collection was removed from shelves in This collection was independently created and also is known under the name Sheffield Amberstone. All offerings in this line have a brown glaze, with some having black decoration and a 60th anniversary logo.

Casualstone is the sister line to the above Amberstone, made with an antique gold glaze and occasional floral pattern. Thankfully, the manufacturers used distinctive stamps for the old and new collections.

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This marking will be in a straight line. In addition to this inkstamp on the bottom, you will find a mold marking on practically every original piece created. You may or may not find rings around the wording.

Antique Fiestaware - At Home With P. Allen Smith

If you see small letter markings on the bottom - here is a helpful guide to understanding what they mean! In the other lines, the markings do vary. The last ways to decipher old from new are more involved.

These techniques require closer inspection and a bit of training.

Since , a total of 52 colors were introduced into the line. Each year, the company continues its tradition of introducing a new color to the dinnerware collection. The constant evolution of colors makes the brand appealing to a broad and widely varied audience, . Also in, Fiestaware began bearing date codes. The year is noted by two letters and the month is noted by a single letter. For example, VV is the year code for and B is the month code for February. A piece made in February would be stamped with VVB. Homer Laughlin has used date codes on commerical products since , but these. Post 86 - Date Codes. Below is the date code chart for the production of Fiesta. From to the code consisted of 3 letters. The first two letters signify the year of production and the last letter the quarter it was produced in. (Example 1st quarter would be AAA).

Looking at the underside will tell you plenty about your recent addition. The term sounds foreign, but the translation is simple: a wet foot means the underside is completely glazed; you will not be able to see any un-colored clay. New Fiestaware will have a dry foot ring.

Sizing is another good way to tell vintage from modern apart. Naturally, design comes into play as well. With teacups specifically, look for ring perfectly circular handles to identify it as an old Fiesta product. Hi Linda, Great question! In those cases, let color be your guide for determining authenticity.

Not all post Fiesta has backstamps. There are none on the medium and small bowl though you do find them on the large bowl. Some mugs have them. I have a round platter in the forest green and it has small handles on it.

There is no stamp but I have other Fiesta Ware pieces from the same time and the same color and when you look at the bottom they all have the same imperfections from when they were manufactured.

I have not been able to find another platter that looks like this. These were all my great-grandmothers so I know all the other pieces I have are original Fiesta Ware but I just am not certain about this piece.

Has anyone ever seen one of these before? It looks very odd and I was wondering if you knew what it means.

Fiesta Markings for Imprinted Fiesta Logos

Hi Stephanie, This sounds pretty interesting - if you could email me a pic of the markings that would be great! I found your site very helpful in identifying some older pieces I have. I have a question about a bowl that has the wet foot and 3 markings and fiesta written in lowercase letters underneath that are the letters HLC USA and under that number 3.

I would appreciate any comments you may have on that. Thanks for reaching out - would you be able to send along a picture to editor causeafrockus. That will help me research further Cheers! My question is about Amberstone.

We are recently aquired a brown fully glazed bowl with rings and stamped with the original lowercase fiesta stamp. The only brown I can match it to is Amberstone. Hi Leslie, Would you be able to send a picture of the stamp marking and the item itself? Hi, all.

Fiestaware Colors A great place to start with dating Fiesta is the color. Homer Laughlin has been steadily introducing, retiring and reintroducing Fiesta colors throughout the decades so being able to spot the colors is an easy way to tell if you"re looking at a new piece of Fiesta or a discontinued Fiestaware piece.

The vase has fiesta in lower case script, with all of the letters connected. Hi Lloyd, Sounds like a fun find! And also in early pieces you may find some slight differentiation. Best of luck and enjoy! I received some turquoise large dinner plates I was told were Fiesta, with no markings at all.

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Does this mean they are fake? I would use all the other assessment tools in your tool box coloring, feel, etc. Best of luck! Becky, If possible, what year did hl begin to use the dry foot process in producing fiestaware? Best regards, Frank. I have a mystery piece of Fiesta that I need some help with. Seems original so far, right? It is also a much truer, vivid turquoise. Any opinions? Could you send some pics of both to editor causeafrockus.

Have I been ripped off? Can you provide some input,please. Thanks Chris Larsen. Hi Chris, If you could send pics to editor causeafrockus.

Dating fiestaware

Hi I bought a tripod candleholder. I cant be sure but i think the color is Tangerine. I know its not one of the original volors, but it has the lower f and all letters connected, Hlo and usa but no H. I thought post 86 has the H. Im confused. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Hi Charity, If you could email pics to editor causeafrockus. I have a miniature disc pitcher in a very light yellow. Old cream?

It belonged to my great grandmother who died in the 50s. The piece has no markings. Is white on bottom. I read this size was not vintage about 3. How do I prove it is original if I want to sell it? Do you have history on this small size? Hi Arlene, Would you mind sending along some pics to editor causeafrockus.

I am having trouble dating my dish due to the bottom being imprinted and all of my other pieces have been stamped. It is a blue color maybe turqoise? I just have started getting into collecting fiestaware and would love help identifying this piece. I emailed a picture to you. Are these made from different dates?

Also, the teacups, 6 are round handles and 2 with regular handles. I really have so many pieces, and where would be the best place to find pricing and places to sell?

Fiestaware Identification: Fiesta Vintage or New?

Sorry for all the questions. Hi Judy, Thanks for reaching out - if you could send some pictures to editor causeafrockus. Hi Lora - Fantastic question! Looks new but not even sure if it is Fiesta. On the bottom is a stamped F with the little R with a circle around it. To the side it says G3. Is it Fiesta? Is that a new Fiesta color?

I have just purchased a set from a couple that said they bought the dishes around Thanks for reaching out - if you could send some pictures along that would be helpful in dating them editor causeafrockus. Regarding the lead free status, that is a bit trickier. One is chartreuse and the other is between a medium green and a forest green.

The fiesta is all in lower case letters. I have not found these on line or in any of the books I have. Can you tell me anything about them? Please send a picture to editor causeafrockus. One is chartreuse and the other is a color between medium green and forest green.

My email was incorrect on the previous note. The bowl has a carved marking, but there is nothing on the other pieces. Does this happen often? Hi Dana, That sounds like a lovely gift! I just ordered a Claret Bisyro set through Bed Bath and Beyond and the bowl has a stamp but the plates have no markings at all.

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Is this normal? I am kind of worried and disappointed. I ordered other colors directly from the factory and waiting for their arrival too compare. Hi Melissa, We specialize in vintage Fiestaware pieces, it sounds like these are new orders placed? Hi there, wondering abt the orange color. When did orange enter the market? From an estate sale of a pn elderly person, also have a yellow set with same stamp. Thanks for your response. Can you please email pictures to editor causeafrockus.

Hi, I have a small light green bud vase. Hi Wendy, Can you please send a picture of the marking and piece to editor causeafrockus. Did fiesta ware ever make any light blue dinnerware? Hi Sandra, Thanks for the clarity. Never Fiestaware also includes a periwinkle and denim blue tone. I just bought a old fiestaware dutch oven new sealed in the box.

Rhead, who was born into an English family of highly regarded ceramicists, had previously worked for both Weller Pottery and Roseville Pottery before joining Homer Laughlin. He actively worked on innovating new shapes and glazes as part of his work, and Fiesta was one of his crowning achievements. Jul 17,   The Homer Laughlin China Company of West Virginia manufactures Fiestaware, with Frederick Hurten Rhead designing the first set of Fiestaware in This line of china features a wide variety of pieces and bold colors. It is one of the most collected . Markings alone are not a good way to differentiate the two lines. There are some marks which were used in the old line only, some are found in the new line only and some are in BOTH. There isn't a simple statement that can summarize all the markings (there are about a dozen distinct marks) but there are a few general rules which can be helpful.

Has brown packaging tape with red fiesta on it. I have what I am pretty confident is a turf green dinner plate, bowl, cup saucer, with no markings at all but are full glaze with sagger pin marks.

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Is there a difference? Hi David, Great question - yes, the mango red is a rebranding of the original red tone.

Jul 30,   How to tell old Fiestaware from new by color. The vintage Fiesta collection included around 70 items and collectors usually divide the color schemes into three, distinct groups. The original colors included red, cobalt, yellow, light green, old ivory, and turquoise. Fiesta - chat, date and meet with over million people. Join our community and make new friends in your area. Identifying Fiesta ware. by Steve Labinski. Many people inherit or find colorful dishes, and need to know whether or not it is actual Fiesta. In many instances, that red or blue plate might resemble Fiesta, but it isn't. Over the years, many companies have designed inexpensive knock-offs that confuse the consumer. Furthermore, since the line.

I have this yellow glazed lidded teapot that after looking online looks very similar to Vintage Riviera Teapots by Homer Laughlin. Thank you for your help. I am more than willing to send pictures.

Hi Mary, Thanks for reaching out - could you please send those pics on to editor causeafrockus. I am new to this site. Very informative. What would be great is if you, or the people with questions, could post the pictures here along with any answers. This way we can all learn more! Great blog. I recently purchased 6 white Fiesta bowls from Macys. I have purchased some previously and flipped over the bowls, but do not see any stampings?

Does Fiesta not put some kind of marking on their brand new lines? Thanks, for any info. I am just beginning to purchase Fiestaware. Hi Marsha, Thanks for reaching out and great question. I believe I have the fiesta red stripe ivory older set.

Not sure why red stripe is included, all the markings are pretty clear and it is more white then ivory. Have a very difficult time finding pieces.

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Hi Larry, thanks for reaching out! Would you mind sending along photos to editor causeafrockus. Eventually the company hopes to backstamp all post 86 pieces. One of the Post 86 Fiesta backstamps contains a useful three letter date code. Note a series of three small letters in the backstamp itself. This is HLC's date coding system which it has used since the 's.

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The last letter indicates what quarter of the year an item was made. Therefore, A represents the first quarter, followed by B, C and D.

Note that the backstamp only indicates when the item was formed. It does not take into account the additional time to completion. Therefore date coding should only be used as an approximation.

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However HLC did not utilize this stamp until six years into Post 86 production, nor has it been applied consistently to all the Post 86 pieces. Color Confusion Collectors can be easily confused between some of the vintage colors and their post counterparts. For example, vintage turquoise can be difficult to distinguish from current turquoise. Also, post sapphire bears a strong resemblence to vintage cobalt blue. The gray glazes can be difficult to separate. InHomer Laughlin added a small raised H to the undersides of all Fiesta made from the original molds.

This includes, for example, the bud vase, candlestick holders and disc pitchers. However note this convention was added only during the midpoint of the post pearl gray production. Chartreuse and Lemongrass Fiesta Mini-Disc Pitchers Fiesta Production Backstamp Chart Flip over a Fiesta dish, cup or trivetand you can determine that piece's production date down to the quarter of the year, if it has the three letter code backstamp.

This website and its pages are not owned by Homer Laughlin China Company. We do not pretend to officially represent the Homer Laughlin China Company. They are the official experts - not us!

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