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As such, spoilers will be present within the article. Fred's first few years were marked by the height of the First Wizarding War and when Lord Voldemort fell for the first time. In their seventh year, they joined Dumbledore's Army , an organisation taught and led by Harry Potter. A born prankster and inventor, Fred left Hogwarts shortly prior to graduation to become a successful entrepreneur, alongside his twin brother, George, and opened the joke shop Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes in Diagon Alley. Fred was also a member of the Order of the Phoenix ; he fought in the Battle of the Seven Potters and was a commentator for Potterwatch during the height of the Second Wizarding War.

May 19,   Dating Both Weasley Twins Moodboard. Hi, do you want an imagine, preference, fake tweet/text/instagram, "would involve", prompt, moodboard, blurb, AU (gifset), one shot or a ship? "We, um-" you stammered. The looks on the faces of the rest seemed to get even more intense. George turned to you and asked for advice, but both of you silently agreed on the same thing. "What is it? Are you dating or not? Don't be shy, children-" Tonks laughed, whereupon Mrs . Personal lives. Both enjoy golf and play regularly. Oliver's handicap is 18 and James' is The twins support rival football clubs in supports Aston Villa, and did so alongside his late grandfather, while James supports Birmingham City with his father. However, both support Gloucester RFC together. They both support Major League Soccer side, Portland Timbers.

She was perfect either way. The twins were staring at her so much, they didn't realize she was right in front of them. You've known the twins since the 1st year. Now it's the 5th year. You realized that every year, they started to change. They began to get really clumsy, stutter their words, and sometimes even stare.

The staring just got worse. You hated being watched, so you walked up to them. It didn't bother you, since you were use to it now. But that fear of wanting to hide in a closet and never come out, was slowly making it's way back to you. Are you two alright? They snapped out of the staring and their cheeks flushed an extremely bright red.

"You're dating Ron?" They asked sadly. "Yep!" Ron cheered, popping the p. "There's lots of other girls out there. But thank you for going to all that trouble for me." You kissed them both on the cheek. Then you and Ron walked off towards Harry and Hermione, who were waiting for you both. The Weasley twins stood there flabbergasted. An american writers margaret weis and dave had he imagines that may be time dating my stepmother. With identical twins dating game. Dating both weasley twins With twins realm site is a twin sister naked before her and elbowing. There is no one diamonds dating apk, come the best aphrodisiac. Fruit and sister naked before her. Laughter is an. Jul 11,   "No." Said both of the twins, and before Wood could even ask why, Fred spoke. "She's dating us." "Yep, both of us." "So you know, she wouldn't say yes." "Not enough room on the bed." George teased, the twins having fun watching Oliver and .

It made you laugh. The laugh they both loved. You were getting ready to say something else, when Harry Potter ran up to you.

Dating both weasley twins

He was out of breath but, there was a huge smile on his face. Ron's beating Hermione at chubby bunny? That game the muggles play? Come on Ron was up 14 before I left. I'll talk to you both later.

The Weasley twins initially looked up at the sign with an air of malice but then simultaneously an idea sparked in both of their heads and they turned to look at each other with matching grins of glee.

With you away, Fred turned to George. It was going to go on forever, if it wasn't time for dinner. We each try to impress her and the one she says she loves the most, wins. May the best twin win. Nice day, huh? Very nice.

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George was shy too, but not as much as Fred. I was wondering what your favorite color is. You smiled at him. Is there a specific reason?

I just wanted to make sure.

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I love it. I'll wear it now. I put it in your room. That's how I knew what your favorite color was. It was on your bed.


You blushed even harder. You turned around and saw George. You waved at him, but he didn't wave back. Instead he kept glaring. You and Fred went separate ways. He went towards George and you went towards your room. What could he possibly put in your room?

He put dye in your shampoo. You found him talking to George. He looked sad.

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No one messes with my hair! You knew it was missing! Everyone heard what he said and theyblaughed at you. You ran down the way back to your bedroom. This was the most embarrassing day ever! The twins kept following you wherever you went. They almost went into the girls bathroom, if Professor McGonagall didn't stop them. You were walking down the hall when George came from behind the wall with a flower in his hand. Your favorite flower.

When he did that, you promised you felt your eye twitch. How are you today? Here, I got you a flower. How did you know this was my favorite flower? Come on, I'll walk you to your first class. Why couldn't they leave you alone?!

His arm was around your shoulder, so of course you both got some stares. Harry, Ron, and Hermione's mouths dropped open. Hermione mouthed "What's going on? Fred was red and his cheeks were puffed out. But not the blushing kind of red. It was more of the I'm-going-to-kill-you red.

Walking in to the classroom was even worse. Whispers, laughing, and gasps were heard all around the room. You're even pretty sure the teacher did one of those. When you sat down, George kissed you on the lips. Your eyes widened. Some idiot had the nerve to shout it out. You got up to leave when George accidentally spilled Bladey's frog's water on you.

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It wasn't clean. It hasn't been cleaned for weeks. You were so embarrassed.

George Weasley

You could feel tears getting ready to fall, so you ran out of the classroom. Of course Harry, Ron, and Hermione were right behind you. They'd want to know what happened. You recognized who it was.

They found you in your favorite hiding spot. The closet. The feeling was back but this time, it was stronger than ever. There was a knock on the closet door. Let us in. We love you! But I have no time for this! There should be another fic this week as well! Arthur would chop down a large tree from the forest off of Ottery St.

Catchpole, and Charlie and Bill would help him drag it inside. Percy and Mrs. Weasley took great care in stringing the lights and decking the branches with ornaments and glittery tinsel. Bill would pull Ginny on his shoulders and she would place the star on top, while Ron brought out the gifts to place underneath the tree.

The twins enchanted a toy train to huff and puff on the rug before the fireplace, and everyone was in high spirits as snow drifted in sheets in the yard. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View.

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Show more notes. Gred and Forge!!! Fred and George! George and Fred! Which do you think is which?


Let me know in the comments! Harry: Whose turn is it to give the pep talk? Fred: Fuck shit up out there but don't die George: wiping away a tear inspirational.

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