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I would not have thought about this matter until this year when I reach the 20th year of my life, I have been asked by quite a few adults about having a boyfriend. I also saw my Mom sticking to that same question whenever she meets anyone who is around my age over Even if she would not oppose or say anything, high chance is that she would blame every single B I had and will have in college and all mistakes and failures just because I date. Growing up with traditional Asian family probably has haunted you on how strict your parents are. You probably have had enough of those lectures and heavy criticism on how to not date someone and your only job is to study. First, your partner needs to be the opposite sex. So marrying someone whose birth year does match mine means we are going to live happily forever after like fairy tale?

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How to Impress Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Asian Parents

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Telling Your Typical Asian Parents That You're Dating

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Growing up with traditional Asian family probably has haunted you on how strict your parents are. You probably have had enough of those lectures and heavy criticism on how to not date someone and your only job is to study. That sounds harsh for those who aren't familiar with, but reality is . (Usually, but not always) Strict, nosey, and controlling. They make you go to summer school if you get a B+ in an honors math class, even if you had the best grade out of all the Asians who took that class, and replace your grade all because 'if you get , you get sit on stage when graduate!'. To Asian parents, summer is not a 'break' as it is to other children in America, but . Dating is hard enough as it is but dating in an Asian-American context is made even more difficult because of potential cultural differences. Traditional Asians pride themselves on their.

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Dear Asians, when is it appropriate to do that?

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Best of Relationships. Going out with friends is a no no. Your food with always have rice in it.

You will be expected to become a doctor or something similar. Talking against your parents will be punished. You never get any money, and if you do get some, then it goes right into your "college" fund. They will always have poor grammar. No matter how much they've been in the U. They will reinforce math and science like crazy. Me: Oh god Parent: Why your hair so long? And was that girl with you?

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Me: I like my hair like this. And yes, that was a girl. Parent: HEY! You talk back and you with girl, you gonna get hurt You non asians think that all asians are awesome?

Old G Asian Parents only let their kids marry people of their same nationality. Asian boys can't grow hair pass their ears.

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They don't let their daughters go out because they think their daughter is going to get rape or take naughty pictures. The food is rice all the time.

Asian parents dating

They want their kids to be a doctor or a pharmacist. Asian Dad : Hey boy you have the girlfriend yet? Asian Boy: Yeah she's white.

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Asian Boy: FML! Asian Boy: Why can't I have my hair the way I want it? It's America not Asia.

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Asian Dad: You like getting the back door huh. Asian Boy: What? Asian Dad: A Can't find it but I got two steel chopsticks though.

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Asian Girl: Hey mom I'm gonna go hang out with my girlfriends. Asian Mom : HUH!?!? Asian Girl: One guy and that's it. Asian Girl: How?

They're all girls except for one guy. Asian Boy: It's ok mom and dad, I'm going to eat Stouffer's lasagnas.

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Asian Dad: Hey boy, you the doctor yep? Asian Boy: No dad, I'm only Asian Dad: Then study hard instead of your stuuuuupid guitar.

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Asian Dad: NO! Very, Very, Strict and mean parents. They force you to have perfect grades, they punish you if you got lower than an A- on a test.

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Real Conversation between my friend and his parents. When I was going into middle school you could either get into 7th math, 7th advanced math, be with the 8th graders in regular math, be with the advanced 8th graders, or be with the highschoolersaverage kids got into 7th grade math, smart kids, got into 7th advanced, very smart kids got into 8th, super smart kids got into 8th advanced, and geniuses got into highschool algebra below is a real conversation between my indian friend and his parents rasheed Friend : Walks into house to see his mom upset with him and yelling at him Rasheed : Mom why are you so upset?

Asian parents condition children at childhood with force and put them to strive happiness through achievement and money. If no achievement no money then they are not worthy of love. Adult children of Asian parents become submissive, passive, or aggressive because they are disconnected with their basic human needs for connection and love.

Mom: You didnt make it into highschool math Rasheed: So thats really hard to get into most kids don't even make it into 8th grade regular math Mom: Don't talk back Mr. You go to your room this instant Rasheed: But what did I make it into?

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Mom: You made it into 8th grade advnced which isn't good enough Rasheed: if you ask me or anyone else that is very good to make it into advanced 8th going into 7th grade Mom: Bitch slaps Rasheed Rasheed: What was that for Mom: Don't question me now go to your room or you'll get this again and tell Jeff to go home you should be studying now Rasheed: Dude I'm fucked your so lucky your white well you have to go bye you don't wanna witness this.

Now you know it sucks to have asian parents. Their logic include: 1 since they gave birth to you, they think can control what you watch on YouTube, Television, etc.

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