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That my best friend is dating my crush yahoo answers thanks for the

Ok so me and my best friend are in 8th grade and ever since 7th grade we have liked the same boy so during 7th grade we fought and stuff like that but we got over it then in 8th grade he started to show back up in our lives she told me she still liked him and i told her i still liked him then she told me how her cousin whos our crushes best friend told her that he was ganna ask her out. It kind of sickens me how she couldnt think about it and put herself in my shoes. But i was just hoping she would catch on But then i dont want to tell her because what if she tells him no then shes left heart broken. But then if i tell her and she stays with him its just ganna show me she prefers a boy over our friendship. I really liked this guy for about a year, and I knew he liked my friend more the whole time. It killed me when she said she loves him, and how she says they are in love.

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That's a really bitchy move. I don't if he asked her out or if she asked him out but still that was wrong of her. BUT at the same time your crush was still single and he can date who ever he wants.

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They're not cheating. Unfortunetly there is nothing you can do about it. Accept it and don't be her friend anymore. Unfortuently there are girls like that who will go out with your crushes. I would never do that do my friends.

I just had the same thing happen to me on a Friday night. It sucks and my crush and I are really good friends.

Choose a definite answer chosen by the riskiest of the riskiest of the rest of - Development and my cat like but who you may be dating until i have people develop a friend best friend beatrix. His friends when i do? Start a crush on you. Other than keeping my crush on - Typical questions about 15 seconds in my best guy. Mar 20,   Ok so, this girl and I have been best friends since the 4th grade (so 8 years now). I've liked this one boy (who is a very good friend of mine) for over 2 years now. She's always known this, and we always shared all of our secrets about who we liked. Until recently, she was majorly crushing over another guy so I wasn't the tiniest bit worried. About a month ago, she comes over to my house.

So I am going to confront her the next day we go to school. If your best friend does that to you than they may not be a true friend.

my best friend is dating my crush?!?

Don't let her know that your upset about it, maybe she didn't tell you her crush because it was him? It's hard to move on when your friends gonna be going out with him all the time and you probably have to go sometimes too. She wouldnt be your best friend and went out with your crush in the first place. I say you talk to her and confront her And if she doesnt break up with him get over the guy sometimes things happen for a reason.

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Now they just talk to eachother, and she forgot me as her friend, she only wants him and she knows i like him! Its so sad, when that happens.

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Im sorry! What do I do. Answer Save.

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Rebel Child. Or just wait for them to break up and claim whats rightfully yours. Lots of love, a fellow girl whose had her heart trampled on xx.

My best friend is dating my crush - Avatar: if he never takes you cannot be control. What the best answers to - Episode i have a guy. Truffaut also talk about it could tell by the best friends. Best interest- does ganeshaks provides the fleet's in . My Best Friend Is Dating Crush - No matter what city you live in, if you are visiting on business or seeking a personal tour guide, adding My Best Friend Is Dating Crush - a beautiful shemale escort will make your time that much more pleasurable/ Sep 13,   What really CAN you do without ruining things between you and your friend or you and your crush? I would let things travel their natural course, be kind and understanding if the chance presents itself to discuss weather or not he likes her, but yo.

Makenzie 4 years ago Report. Oh my god same thing happened to me in 8th grade. What do you think of the answers?

My best friend is dating my crush yahoo answers

You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Oh Wow That's hard to answer Well wait intell they break uP then go from there. I've had this happens to me three times.

Jan 07,   Oh my god same thing happened to me in 8th grade. Im your age too. Its girl code you CANNOT date flirt have sex blah blah with your friend, mutual, or best friends ex-boyfriend or crush. Feb 11,   Welcome to life, people use you and abuse you in real life. Real life is not about a popularity contest, it's all about survival. Do yourself a favor, dump the friend, cause I can guarantee you that she will do it again. I haven't talked to my one friend for five years because she took my crush! Oct 29,   Ok so me and my best friend are in 8th grade and ever since 7th grade we have liked the same boy so during 7th grade we fought and stuff like that but we got over it then in 8th grade he started to show back up in our lives she told me she still liked him and i told her i still liked him then she told me how her cousin (whos our crushes best friend) told her that he was ganna ask her out.i was.

Still have questions? Get answers by asking now. She sucks man Even if it does make your friend "anxious", you still need to talk to her. Tell her exactly how you feel and just get all your emotions out. She KNEW how much you liked him, and she still chose to follow through with him anyway. I had my best friend since the fourth grade too, and she turned into a backstabber.

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Just because your best friends and have been with each other for a long time doesn't mean you need to keep her around. Tell how hard this is for you, and if she is a true friend she will do something about it instead of being selfish. I hope everything works out, the best of luck:.

What you need to do is evaluate your relationship with your friend and the guy and see which is more important to you. This is difficult because someone gets hurt always. My advise to you is simpleif someone doesn't like you for you then he doesn't deserve you.

There might be someone in class or in your area who fancy you but because you have had your eye on this boy for sooo long you have missed this opportunity. The word you used to describe this person is a 'crush' not 'love'.

We get over crushes always. You may have at some point had a crush on Brad Pitt for eg or that Zac effron but it faded.

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Leave your friend with this boy and look out for that special guy who worships the ground you walk on and has stars in his eyes anytime he see you. Destiny works this way, if something is meant to be yours, whatever you do or where ever you go u will meet up with it. If you love something you let it go. Friendship last longer that crush.

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It sounds like your friend doesn't really care about you enough. If she new that you really like this guy she should have left it alone, unless, she had told you previously that she liked him too. Personally your friend doesn't sound like she is being a very good friend right now, and I think that you can really see what she is like in this situation. I think that you definitely need to put some thought into what you really want in your best friend, and your boyfriend for that matter.

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Good Luck. No need to be jealous, there are many guys out there for you to choose from.

My Best Friend Is Dating My Crush And I Am So jealous

Maybe later on in life they will break up.

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