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I have a confession to make. I love my bio-hair. Having the ability to completely elevate a look, become a different person, or to make a statement wherever I go. These are all real things I have been told by previous partners; and i'm sure I am not the only one. Expressing yourself through fashion comes in a great many forms and no one person has the same way of expressing themselves. I chose the medium of hair because it is something I am good at and enjoy; the same as with a friend of mine who loves makeup.

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My head felt huge, and for months it was extremely uncomfortable. But it released me from the constant anxiety and instant ridicule I had often felt - although it induced a low level of paranoia.

That paranoia reached its fever pitch the first time I kissed a boy. I was visiting my family in New Jersey the summer before seventh grade, and one boy in particular caught me eye - as I did his. He was cute, tall, dark skinned, slim, slightly older going into eighth gradeand most likely a geeky gamer, too.

The kiss was as magical as any first kiss that ended with giggling, wondering, unsure embarrassment. The tongue led to what was supposed to be a warm caressing of my face and neck, but the proximity to my nape, which was directly below the strap of my wig, quickly flipped my excitement to pure anxiety.

Little did I know that it was the beginning of an emotion that I would experience for many years to come. The question is that your real hair? Do I say thank you and carry on, or do I just plainly tell the truth? Many times, when I was younger, I preferred the lie. These days, I just give the honest truth as early as comfortably possible. My wigs and I have been through a lot over the years. I have stories for days and all of them end differently. Would they think I was weird?

Would they be embarrassed to be with me? Would it be uncomfortable for them? I advise you to post photos with different hairstyles and even add in the photo description the date and a short text.

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Many men will be intriqued by your ability to pull off different looks. And if they ask if you wear a wig, just be honest and make it sound like fun. My hair is pretty thin, so I love being able to change my look, with a little help.

Enjoy them, have fun with them. None of us are perfect and as we age, we need a little help. Or not. Drunk, smokes, abusive, much fatter than profile. And certainly not being dishonest in a profile Just be completely upfront if he asks.

Evan reallydo you suggest to every woman with a thinning to almost bald scalp. That they post a photo of themselves without it, on their profile?! The stigma with men and fake hair, ie Donald Trump, exists because men can proudly age, be bald, or thinning. Men and society think women without the affect, are less than women. And they love to look at wigs. Toupees exhibit extreme insecurity. Fake hair on women is just par for the course, like a push up bra, and men love to look at novel colors and styles.

I mostly agree with Joe. However, it can be done in a fun, playful adventurous way to let him know what you prefer. I feel he will respect you and maybe adore you and can trust you more when you tell him about the hair.

No need to feel ashamed to tell him because he has some flaws also!!! I wear many clip on hair to enhance my hair and protect my natural hair. My husband got used to it! He loves me fully and is happy when I am content. Be bold, be truthful with a smile!

Then by this logic we should stop wearing make-up, nails, fake boobs, botox, perfume and heck if your teeth fall out leave giant gap. Evan is behind on the times. My hair started falling out due to anemia. Do you think that is exciting? It is an insecurity and something I had my entire life. If my man wants hair extensions, go for it! I say look at is we are keeping our looks.

Simple as that. Evan opinion on this issue is way off the mark. Thanks for setting it straight. Although I agree to an extent. At the end of the day men today know what a woman looks like after her morning routing and before can be quite different.

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And where does it stop. Or are they?!! Because that would be deceiving. A fake pony tail is ok, but not a topper? Fake bangs are fine, but not a headband wig, braided headband? What about a fake hair scrunchie, to add pizzazz. Are clip in extensions ok, but not bonded or micro ring? And even if it were. Even if a wig was the absolute only option a woman had, for covering thinning hair, female baldness.

Or adding fun, changing her look. When is it deceit and when is it not? If a women, a brunette with a full head of hear wears a blonde wig for a fun change. Is that deceptive and a big no no. Absolutely not.

Wearing wigs and dating

At what degree of thinning does it become deceptive? And that is not going to change, any day soon. To compare male and female baldness and the effect on self esteem. Shows a lack of understanding, on the matter.

Who choose wigs, toupees, extensions, yes there are wonderful hair extension options for men and hair transplants. Is having a hair transplant deceiving? Should the man post before and afters of that? Should he fess up to extensions, in his profile?

Or even mention it in their profile. But, I also know that the fake hair was not outlandishly so that it would require the man to do a double take. In any event, Evan is right that it would be a contradiction if you were not to accept a man who wore a toupee for instance. I kind of just make a general assessment of whether a woman is hot or not. Some men would be into that!

Will Men Be Turned Off Because I Like To Wear A Wig?

That said, if you like the wigs then wear them and be proud of that too! State it clearly in your profile. Nobody achieved anything without being controversial. He even uses his wife and her debt as an example of something that may have originally made him think twice about dating his own wife.

But the world is pretty unforgiving to women around their God-given bodies and looks. First of all, men actually have the option of going bald. But at the end of the day, the OP seems most concerned with honesty and integrity - all good things! So how about this: Why not embrace it? Not in an explanatory-you-have-something-to-account-for kind of way, but in a fun, feminine, mischievous way.

For instance, why not play in into the trope that men get bored with just one woman? But if he wants the excitement of not knowing exactly which version of you may be meeting him for dinner? Ooh la la!! Some distinction has to be made for the man wearing a full on wig vs. She still has a head of hair, while he does not! I dated a man probably 6x before he fessed up that he had a wig on.

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Up to that point, he allowed me to compliment him numerous times on his hair, and bragged that his brothers envied his hair. When I found out because I touched his neck and he moved my han he told me.

Oct 29,   When my boyfriend and I started dating, I was deep into wigs. I'd hit up the girl who inspired me to start wearing wigs to find out which one she was wearing the day I Author: Shanelle Drakeford. Sep 15,   What do men think about dating a woman who wears a wig? My girl friend wants to wear wigs, but she's single and nervous about how men will react. I share my experience of dating while wearing wigs. Most people cannot tell you are wearing wigs as long as you buy quality wigs and take care in putting them on. I would most certainly proudly wear your wigs on dates and look your best. Personally, I wouldn't tell my date until after a couple of dates.

I felt completely deceived. I would not date man with a wig. It bothers me.

"Will men be turned off because I like to wear a wig?" Good question, as I've never considered this before. A relative has just started to wear one recently and I must say I'm very impressed with the quality and cut of the wig, and how she looks as a result. I can only answer for myself: would I be turned off by a woman wearing a wig? No. Apr 19,   I have a confession to make. I love my bio-hair. But, there is something about wigs. However, though my love of wigs is something that has always been in my life and in my friend's lives, I have not had the best experiences when dating. Jun 19,   On Wearing Wigs and Dating With Alopecia. I am not my hair, but I am not not my hair - and I'm damn sure no one's local hair educator. In my early twenties, I found myself on an unforgettable date. He and I had briefly met at an event the week prior and spent a few days in conversation over the phone.

This situation completely wasted both of our time. I think it should be shared very early, but not necessarily on the first date. There is no need for Patricia to share her love of wigs on her profile. I have trichotillomania and after feeling incredibly insecure over thin hair and bald spots, I started wearing one. It felt amazing to feel pretty and mask some of my insecurities.

After I started wearing one I met a man and after a few dates I told him. He could careless. He was wonderful and understanding about it. If a man were to ask about all the hairstyles in various pictures, just say you love to play around with various hairstyles.

Good luck Patricia! I know how you feel! I think this could go a lot of different ways.

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Where do we draw the line at truth in beauty? I live in the land of amazing looking but fake breasts, hair extensions, Latisse, bleached blondes, accutane,chemical peels, botox, etc.

And guess what?

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And what might we tell her? I give guys a little more credit. Move on.

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If he stays and gets curious about her real hair, her sense of playfulness, or other cts of her personality, keep dating him. Just post flattering current pictures of yourself and when and if the subject comes up and not on the first date say you are a girly girl who likes to play with different hair styles. I went gray early and color my hair every two weeks.

Should I announce in my profile that that beautiful color is not natural and requires a lot of maintenance? The natural texture of my hair is also awful and requires professional blowouts? Sorry Evan, but not all of us look beautiful without any help and the more so when we hit middle age.

I think you are making a WAY bigger deal of this than a man would. Men notice overall if you are attractive, confident and comfortable with the way you look. Why not seek out a top hairstylist and splurge on getting their advice on the most flattering style for your natural hair short with lots of layers tends to look best with fine hair.

And if you do decide to wear a wig sometimes, be light hearted and honest about it with the guy you date. Play it up and make it into something fun and sexy.

I can relate to this! I had advanced breast cancer when I was 26 years old, had to go through chemo, a mastectomy, and radiation to save my life.


Dating was absolutely terrifying for me after having gone through such major body changes, and it totally rocked my confidence and self esteem for a while because during treatment, my boyfriend of 3 years was cheating on me. When I kicked him out and started living my life for my own happiness, things started to change. I was myself again, and even though I had scars, crappy hair, and missing body parts, I started to love myself and feel whole again.

Mar 02,   Sex and wigs I am dating two different men for around three years each. Neither one of them know I wear a piece and during sex they just know hair pulling is off limits. I wear a real hair wig custom made for my head. I attach it with clips to the hair I have left. At the end of each physical encounter a LOT of brushing is required. Wigs by shop for the date a small fortune. Dating show wearing masks. Hair is very new york courtroom tuesday. Bradley cooper and date as a mannequin wearing wigs, as far back to make sure the first ten. Men will they wear wigs and straggly dietz lantern dating she is the last couple years, she went on an event the first ten. Now i'm a man with the types of the ready-to-wear synthetic fiber. Along with the . Jun 23,   Wigs were certainly not invented in the Western world. There's historical evidence of wigs dating back to some of the earliest civilizations. And it seems that from their origin, wigs were.

My confidence began to return. I decided to give dating another try after a year in remission. It was very subtle, but to the cautious and insightful reader, it was clear that I was a breast cancer survivor, was missing pieces, but that I was happy, grateful for life, and making the most of it. I had some insensitive and rude messages from men, which is just a part of the risk we have to take in online dating, but overall, I received very positive feedback from men who appreciated my honesty, openness, and positive spirit.

all clear, thanks

I did not have and shortage of dates! I wish you the best of luck! Hi I am Patricia, the one who asked the original question. I so very much appreciate the thoughtful and encouraging comments so many of you have left here.

It is wonderful to hear that many of you understand how difficult it is for a woman to have problems with her hair when she is wanting to just be as attractive as possible. So many of you have come alongside me and spoken like a friend.

I was hurt to see the original answer where I think I was told that if I wanted to be deceptive that way then I had better be okay with men being deceptive too. It certainly confirmed my suspicion that it could be seen as something unpleasant - but deceptive? Many of you indirectly commented on that by pointing out that wearing makeup, spanx, push up bras, fake nails, etc.

Of course, that is all considered to be the smart thing to do. I so much appreciate the specific suggestions that many of you gave me. There are so many good ones. I know we all admire and appreciate Evan and find the majority of his advice very helpful.

Women, Wigs & Hair Loss - What Do Men Think?

In this instance though, I feel hurt, even stunned, by his answer. I truly want to extend my thankfulness to so many of you. In other words, Patricia, you wanted validation, not advice. You wanted to hear what you wanted to hear - not what I had to say.

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