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We know it with some-maybe only a few-but the ones who hold that part of us do so for a lifetime. The Enneagram is based on an ancient personality typing system and is divided into nine numbers and subdivided into three triads. The triads represent the head, the heart, and the gut, which are the three basic components of the human psyche. When I understood the power of this kind of introspection, I immediately knew it had wider implications for dating relationships. But it holds unique insight into the tendencies that hold us back from healthy relationships with ourselves and others. After all, the happier, more integrated individuals we become, the more likely we will find and nurture healthy relationships-especially in those early phases of connection. Ethical, dedicated and reliable, Ones are motivated by a desire to live the right way, improve the world, and avoid fault and blame.

That said, there are couplings that seem to happen more frequently.

What Enneatype Should You Date?

We should say female Type 2 Helpers are often found with male Type 8 Leaders. Gender makes a difference when it comes to the frequency of the combinations. However male Type 4 Artists with female Type 9 Peacemakers are extremely rare 2 couples.

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Female Type 8 Leaders were often found with male Type 9 Peacemakers. Birds of a feather do not flock together! At least not in Enneagram terms as it relates to love Same Enneagram personality type marriages occurred two times less often than statistically expected.

Aug 23,   Finally, Enneagram dating profile of Type Nines: Generally Nines are happy to get along with most people and tend to merge with another's like or interests. You'll find their ads upbeat and with a desire to please. You could say I'm an amateur everything. I surf, cook, hike, read (loads), paint for pleasure, blog sometimes, love crossword. The Enneagram Type Combinations. No pairing of types is particularly blessed and no pairing is particularly doomed. These type combinations are an overview to help people understand some of the main positive and negative issues that are likely to arise between any two types. The table below shows the frequency of all 81 combinations of Enneagram-type marriages. There are couples in this study. Some combinations are strikingly more common than chance, and are highlighted in red (1 or 2 standard deviations above chance). Some combinations are much rarer than expected by chance, and these are shaded in gray.

The one exception to this was double Type Four couples. This page shows some of my research into this question.

Enneagram Type Two (the Helper) with Enneagram Type Four (the Individualist) What Each Type Brings to the Relationship. This can be a very warm, even passionate, couple when both parties continue to share their feelings openly together. Both are seeking warmth and connection, and both are willing to provide it when they are healthy. May 16,   Based on your interest, I wrote a second book focusing on Enneagram type compatibility in intimate relationships. "The Nine Keys: A Guide Book to Unlock Your Relationships Using Kundalini Yoga and the Enneagram" (published November ) looks at intimate relationships through the lens of the Enneagram. If you enjoyed this post, you may be. The Enneagram Types in Relationship - David Daniels M.D. Website on t.

The table below shows the frequency of all 81 combinations of Enneagram-type marriages. There are couples in this study.

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Some combinations are strikingly more common than chance, and are highlighted in red 1 or 2 standard deviations above chance. Some combinations are much rarer than expected by chance, and these are shaded in gray. Table of Enneagram Marriage Frequencies.

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Note: because the color indicates frequency relative to chance, some red or pink cells may be numerically smaller than cells not highlighted. Marriage patterns are not random.

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There are a lot of such pairings that happen at far above chance levels. Same-type marriages are rare, occurring two times less often than expected by chance.

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Men and women choose very different personalities for their mates. Male 9s with female 4s are common 16 coupleswhile male 4s with female 9s are extremely rare 2 couples.

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Twos are warm, outgoing, thoughtful and considerate, generous, and encouraging. Twos are also practical and action-oriented, willing to pitch in where needed and to do the things that need to be done, no matter how unpleasant or unglamorous.

To this mix, Fours bring creativity, a sense of humor, a willingness to laugh at human foibles, and emotional honesty. They see their own craziness and their own falseness and they do not try to varnish the truth of their quirks from themselves or from the Two.

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Fours also bring a sense of beauty and of subtlety into the relationship: they care about how things impact on themselves and others, and so they go out of their way to arrange their world to be more aesthetically pleasing, allowing the Two to feel more relaxed and nurtured. Fours also bring emotional depth and sensitivity to their relationships, a sense of mystery and urhodeshotel.netedictability, sensuality and sexual freedom.

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In short, Fours invite Twos to take a closer look at their deeper needs, the truth of who they are and what they actually feel. Twos appreciate the subtleties and nuances that Fours bring, and Fours thrive in this atmosphere of appreciation. They can lighten up each other with unexpected humor and appreciation of each others' quirks.

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Each invites the other to mature emotionally, usually without saying so. Both help the other to stop being so concerned about what others think of them and to become more inner-directed.

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